How Does a Silent Auction Work: 7 Steps for Success

Additionally, incorporating interactive elements into your event can create a more immersive experience for your donors. To create a memorable event, consider incorporating unique items into your auction, as well as providing food and drinks, music, and other entertainment. How does Silent Auction work -executed event can leave a lasting impression on your donors, making them more likely to remember and support your organization in the future.
Silent auction fundraisers are simple and affordable alternatives to the classic live auction. With no auctioneer needed and a “self-serve” style bidding, you cut down on expenses and complex program coordination. Have the procurement head create an outreach strategy that includes sponsorship offers and the lure of tax write-offs. You may be able to get items donated as a part of a larger event sponsorship, which benefits your overall event, not just the auction. Those unlucky suckers who didn’t get the auction items they wanted may be a bit bummed. But a little pick-me-up message is just the thing they need to get it next time.
The Booger Bash will take place in the hometown of The Booger Fund, Seattle, WA, September 16th at Seattle’s historic Labour Temple. There will be complimentary tacos on hand, as well as wine, and Manny’s beer, which should help lubricate some action on Booger’s numerous silent auction items. In a live auction, a benefit auctioneer presents about 7 to 12 premium, big-ticket items one at a time for guests to bid on. Donors place bids by raising their bid cards at certain amounts. While everyone should be paying attention to the live auction, the items should be so valuable that only a handful (say, 10 percent) are able to actually participate and bid. The environment is more competitive than a silent auction, and thus typically yields a higher return per item.
You have the scoop on how silent auctions work and which items are hot commodities for sale. Now what you need are a few ideas that will help you spark your own. After all, the best fundraisers are always based on a strong premise, a theme, or a collection of original ideas. Many organizations have donated or sponsored items to auction, but these need to be tiered to get the most out of your bidders.
In these cases, organizers must simply make it clear how the winners will receive their items and what information must be gathered to facilitate shipping or pickup. Your organization can take a few paths to secure an auction item. First, you can ask local businesses or donors if they could donate an item for your silent auction.
Due to the anonymity, silent auctions can be adapted to all types of audiences and result in guests bidding at a higher price point than in live auctions. They can easily be added to a larger event without disrupting the night. People who want to host a successful silent auction are often tasked with soliciting auction donations from local businesses and global organizations. Depending on where you’re located, you may find yourself asking a local business to donate a hot air balloon ride that you can raffle off during your upcoming auction.