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Journalists who know their audience’s interests can serve them better. In determining who reads their education reporting, journalists interviewed for this article say they place more faith in their gut instincts — talking to people in the community — over digital tools. This mirrors an earlier study of education reporters in New York.
Sacha also works on the design and implementation of media impact assessment studies with regular field missions, including in DRC, Mali and Niger. Previously, he notably participated to the Swiss delegation to the Human Rights Council and worked for the Chair of Constitutional Law at the University of Fribourg. He then conducted research in international law and sociology of law at the universities of Glasgow and Oxford. Sacha obtained a master’s degree in law from the University of Fribourg. For details of our upcoming events and organisational developments, including new partnerships, awards, new hires and more, check out our What’s new? The New Humanitarian picked up an award at this year’s Geneva Engage Awards in recognition of our outreach and engagement across social media.
If your team has HTML / CSS coding skills – they have the flexibility to make more advanced changes to the site. Create and publish videos, images, and stories directly from your phone or tablet with our mobile friendly editor. Photos or galleries can be easily uploaded manually via the user interface or automatically via FTP or RSS feeds. Byline and caption information aresaved as part of this process. Ability to set photos for special toning based on how they will be used. The “Barbie” movie doesn’t come out until this July, meaning that Greta Gerwig has time to add some Pitt Barbies to her film.
Other elements that can be included in a more extensive editorial calendar are meta data tags, editor, proofreader, status, draft due date, artwork title, and a link to the published item once complete. The editorial calendar can become a production tool, tracking every aspect of workflow. A good idea is to keep a space to jot down future topics and ideas worth writing about.
In 2011, he investigated the use of landmines, the execution of prisoners and arbitrary arrests of African migrant workers in Libya. He has testified about war crimes before the United States Senate, the Council of Europe, and at the Yugoslav Tribunal in the Hague, and has written opinion pieces for papers around the world. His work has been profiled in Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, The Stanford Lawyer, and The Santa Barbara Independent Newspaper. He is well-versed in strategic governance and finance issues, in which he also continues to provide services on a commercial basis. Ms. Ben Dhaou has been working in Human Resources leadership roles in international organisations for more than 30 years and has experience in 12 different industries across continents.
We will ensure that all voices are heard equally – women and girls as loudly as men and boys, established humanitarian players as often as local and independent initiatives. Avoiding sensational reporting that robs women and girls of their dignity. Creating a better understanding of the unique needs of women and girls in humanitarian crises. At news editorials held in 2019, The New Humanitarian made a pledge that outlines our commitment as a newsroom to contributing to ending sexual and gender-based violencein humanitarian crises.
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